Let's face it, moms: we need a better nursing cover.

Let's face it, moms: we need a better nursing cover.

I am not ashamed of breastfeeding. But that doesn’t mean I welcome an audience of curious onlookers while my son screams and I try to awkwardly dig my breast out of my shirt. It's not exactly glamorous. Though I don't mind people seeing my son actively eating, I'm still not quite comfortable enough to just let my nipple hang out while I try to adjust my son’s position or he becomes distracted by a nearby child, or trees, or the fact that I have teeth.

I had a beautiful nursing cover I carried in my diaper bag for a while. But the idea of the nursing cover was better than the reality.

In theory, it was the solution to my desire for privacy and would prevent my son from distraction. The marketing photos showed a mother sitting nursing her baby with the large square of material perfectly draped around herself and her baby. The strap keeping the cover secure around her neck was perfectly adjusted and the material bowed out so she could make deep, meaningful eye contact with her serene infant.

I wanted to be that elegant mother (boldly wearing earrings... dangly earrings!) who could go out and carry on a thoughtful conversation with friends over coffee while her baby peacefully, discreetly nursed under beautiful fabric.

Cut to my reality: I’m sitting across from some friends in a coffee shop when my son in my lap begins pawing at and drooling on my shirt. I place the cover’s strap around my neck and realize it’s too long, but I can’t simply pull the strap tighter without fiddling with the D-ring buckle. I contort my fingers trying to feed the strap through with one hand. When it’s finally tighter, I throw the cover around my son, who immediately starts waving his arms trying to get it off. I lay him across my lap and get him focused. Once he realizes milk is coming, he settles for a moment and gets latched. With my free hand, I grab hold of a corner of the fabric so he won’t sweep the cover aside with a simple wave of his arm.

I can now return my focus to the conversation going on at the table.

A moment later, my son’s arm shoots up through the gap at my neck meant to allow the loving eye contact I expected from the cover’s advertising. He grabs the neck strap and begins to pull, yanking it left and right, cutting it into my skin. I lose concentration on my friends' conversation while I figure out why my son is trying to strangle me with the nursing cover. I pry open the vice grip of his tiny fingers, only to have his hand smack my face. His needle-like fingernails suddenly dig into the inside of my lower lip. I gasp in pain and release his grip, then lift my chin up to get my face beyond his grasp. His hand waves back and forth, trying to reach my face through the gap. As he flails, the top of the cover is pulled lower and my chest becomes increasingly exposed. The table’s conversation halts while my friends pause to take in the ridiculousness of the scene.

I wish I’d had the ONEder Cover!

The ONEder Cover is a product I designed for babies like mine. Babies who are wiggly. Babies who are curious. Babies who want to nurse everywhere. And for mothers! Mothers who want a cover that can actually keep them covered when and where they want. Mothers who also want a cover that can be still be useful when they stop breastfeeding (or stop using a cover). Mothers who want to streamline the diaper bag and have fewer things to pack before heading out of the house.

My mission with my new company Milk and Sugar is to support mothers. That’s why the ONEder Cover is the flagship product.

The ONEder Cover is the only nursing cover that can be used beyond breastfeeding, even surpassing childhood. It gets its name from being the ONE cover you need to have on hand, because it converts into:

    • a nursing cover 3+ ways (unique design makes it almost impossible for your child to expose you during nursing)
    • a super absorbent burp cloth that won't fall off your shoulder
    • an infant and toddler bib
    • a wearable blanket for stroller rides (no kicking blankets off onto the dirty ground!)
    • a protective smock that fits children and adults (perfect for working moms trying to get out the door without dirtying their clothes, and also great for little chefs helping in the kitchen)
    • a high chair, booster seat and infant seat barrier for the comfort of your baby--or to protect against messes

The ONEder Cover is a truly versatile product with uses almost as boundless as your imagination. When you stop breastfeeding, whether it's at 2 weeks or 2 years, you'll be able to find another use for this cover.

Thank you for your support, friends! I’m so excited to begin this journey and start offering moms products that will truly make their lives easier.

All the best,

Amber Elbon

Founder, Milk and Sugar
Inventor of the ONEder Cover

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