The ONEder Cover and Sensory Play

The ONEder Cover and Sensory Play

Play is serious learning when you're a kid. Sensory play engages children's senses: smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch. Engaging with the world using their senses encourages babies, toddlers and children to be curious, to investigate and to explore the world around them.

Pinterest is loaded with ideas for sensory play at home. Just search on Pinterest for "sensory play" and stand back while your screen explodes with color and enough pictures of goop, foam and sand to make any neat freak feel a little sweaty.

But, hey! If you've got your ONEder Cover handy, you've already got the perfect size washable smock for your kiddo to wear while he digs his hands into those wet, sticky, slimy or gritty concoctions!

One of my favorite outings with my toddler son is taking him to the children's museum. We're lucky enough to have a great one in our city, and of course the first place my son darts to is the water table. On our most recent trip, we happened to be arriving at the water table at the same time as a daycare group, who were snatching up the waterproof smocks. My son was intent on getting his hands in the water and I had no time to wait for access to a smock, so I whipped my ONEder Cover out of my bag and threw it on him as he started to play.

Playing in the ONEder Cover at the water table at the children's museum

I wasn't sure how it would hold up to all the splashing and direct water contact compared to the waterproof smocks. There is no waterproof layer to the ONEder Cover, just absorbent ones. But I was pleasantly surprised that the super absorbent materials that make it great for catching spit up and wiping drool as a burp cloth for babies made it absorbent enough to soak up any water my toddler son came in contact with. His shirt underneath was completely dry!

The materials of the ONEder Cover are designed to catch and hold moisture. The back of the cover is plush cotton velour, which is the more sophisticated cousin to terry cloth. (It's made using similar processes, the fibers are just brushed to a different texture.) In between the cotton front and the velour back is a layer of cotton diaper fabric. If it's designed for diapers, you know it's got to be good at catching and holding moisture.

This experience exemplifies what I love about the ONEder Cover: it's completely multi-functional. The old nursing cover with a strap that I abandoned to a box of baby clothes a long time ago could never be put to use like this. Even though my son is now over two years old and weaned, I can still keep this "nursing cover" in my bag whenever we go out.

While babies might quickly outgrow nursing, they don't quickly outgrow being messy. If you're going to a restaurant or to the park to play, you'll still find it handy to have a bib or smock that will keep them clean—and is cute to boot!


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