Keeping Tidy in the Kitchen with a Toddler

Toddler stirring batter wearing the ONEder Cover breastfeeding cover as a smock

My daughter LOVES baking. Brownies, cookies, muffins - if it's sweet she'll help make it and gobble it up!

But baking with a toddler is often quite a messy experience.

Before discovering the ONEder Cover, I would take off her clothing and she would help mix ingredients sporting just a diaper. This was often followed by a bath, as she would end up with flour, sugar, milk or eggs all over herself.

As much as I loved baking with her, at 30 weeks pregnant I became too tired to deal with her mess. And then we were given a ONEder Cover and our baking messes were contained!

Toddler girl wearing the ONEder Cover as a smockMy daughter wears the ONEder Cover as a toddler smock when we bake, so her clothing is protected. A normal apron wasn't absorbing the liquid messes she would make, and with the bottom snapped up the ONEder Cover catches the crumbs and she can even store her dirty spoon, spatula, or whisk in it like a pocket so we don't get batter drips across the floor when we go to load the utensils in the dishwasher.

I love how versatile the ONEder Cover is, and that I can use to for both my newborn as a nursing cover, and as a bib or smock for my toddler!

Testimonial courtesy of Justine, mama of a sweet toddler girl (pictured) and a brand new baby boy.

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