What I wish I had after my baby was born...

What I wish I had when my baby was born


I didn’t have the easiest postpartum experience. There were some unexpected complications.

My son had a tongue tie, meaning that he wasn’t able to suck strongly enough to get the milk he needed. As a result, he was nursing constantly during the day, never seeming to be satiated. If he was awake, he probably wanted to eat.

The day after we found out he wasn’t gaining enough weight, we discovered I had appendicitis and needed to go in for surgery. My husband’s two week vacation time was up. Great timing.

My mom helped me take my son to the doctor to get his tongue tie corrected the week after my surgery. I spent a lot of time breastfeeding him, helping him gain weight and correct his latch, sitting in my recliner.

A couple weeks after my surgery, I slipped on the stairs in our townhome and banged up my tailbone pretty badly. Once again, I spent most of my time lying down on the couch or in my recliner because it was painful to get up and down a lot. I moved everything I needed for the day into the living room and kept it as close to me as possible to eliminate any unnecessary moving around.

We had one side table next to the couch and had set up a TV tray next to my recliner to hold all the things I needed to keep handy: a drink, snacks, lip balm, feeding tracker, nursing pads, burp cloths, hand sanitizer, my phone, parenting books, magazines, remote controls, and more. That little table filled up fast! And when I was lucky enough to have someone bring me a meal while I nursed my son, there was a shuffle trying to figure out where to put all the stuff so there was room on my tray for food.

I just stocked a product in my shop that would have helped me immensely in those postpartum days: the armchair organizer!

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The armchair organizer has pockets on one side and a long tail on the other that tucks between the cushions of your chair or sofa to keep it in place. It has large and small pockets for different sized items.

You can keep a tablet, magazine, book or even water bottle in the larger pockets, and your phone, snacks, nursing pads, nipple butter, chapstick and hand sanitizer in the smaller pockets. Have one in the living room and in the nursery and you’ll always have what you need at hand when you’re rocking your baby!

Just like with the ONEder Cover convertible nursing cover, one of the great things about this product is that it’s useful beyond the baby days. Use it as your remote control caddy when you’re no longer using it for mama and baby items, so you’ll never have to hunt down the remote between the cushions again! 

The armchair organizer is great for moms at any stage and makes a perfect and thoughtful baby shower or new mom gift. Fill it with goodies for the new mom and make her postpartum time easier!

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