Rough night? How the ONEder Cover saved my morning.

Child sleeping in dog bed


This was the scene next to my bed this morning.

And I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the first time.

Yes, that’s a dog bed. 

My son has always had trouble sleeping, but at nearly three years old, I thought we had pretty much cracked the code on sleep. Then he started refusing to nap. Then he started waking up at 3 am and refusing to sleep for hours. And the two together get him caught in a cycle of not enough sleep that is really really hard to break.

Last night he woke up at 3 am and had a very, very hard time getting back to sleep. I cuddled with him in his bed for a little bit, but he didn’t drift off to sleep. After an hour he was still awake and insistent he wanted his daddy, so we let him into our bed and he snuggled between us for a little while, sucking his thumb but keeping his eyes wide open. As I started to drift off to sleep, I heard him declare that he was going to sleep with the dogs and felt him slide off the end of our bed. I peeked over the edge of the bed as he climbed into the dog’s vacant bed and began telling the dog about his Valentine’s Day card.

We all settled and drifted off to sleep. Next thing I know, the morning light is beginning to stream in and my son is still nestled in the dog bed with his Valentine tucked under his arm.

And it’s 8 am. We have a half an hour to get ready. In preschooler time, that’s five minutes.

I got us ready as efficiently as I could, trying to keep him contained to his bedroom while I got him dressed, brushed his hair and helped him brush his teeth. Once he was dressed I sat him down at his little table with a quick breakfast to eat while I finished getting myself dressed and taking care of the dogs.

I had a ONEder Cover handy and was able to throw it on him as a bib while he began eating. When I came back to check on him, my son had spilled his milk all down his front, but thankfully the ONEder Cover caught it all! His clothes were completely dry.

ONEder Cover convertible nursing cover on toddler as a bib or smock

Preschooler wearing the ONEder Cover convertible nursing cover as a bib with the bottom snapped up to form a pocket.

When I use the ONEder Cover on my son as a bib, I leave the bottom unsnapped so that instead of forming a pocket, the fabric at the bottom rests on his lap. This catches the biggest culprit of mealtime messes for him: drinks that drip on the way to or from his mouth. As he perfects drinking neatly from an open cup or milk carton, the ONEder Cover saves his lap.

Thank goodness he was wearing the ONEder Cover, because I was able to simply remove the ONEder Cover and get him out the door without having to change his clothes! If he had been wearing a regular toddler bib, we would have had to change his pants. (Which, let’s be honest, would have involved digging through a laundry basket to find a fresh pair and chasing him around the house while squealed with delight at how fun it is to have mommy chase him.)

Although we were still a few minutes late to school, we made it there quicker and with a lot less fuss than if he’d been wearing a shorter bib or if I had to wrangle him into one of those toddler bibs with sleeves.

The ONEder Cover isn’t just called a multipurpose item as a marketing ploy. This cover honestly IS a lifesaver when you’ve got young kids. Even if you never use it as a nursing cover, this is something you’ll want to keep handy at every stage of childhood. Especially if your nights and mornings are anything like mine.

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