Mom Fail Moment: Diaper bag packing mistake #1, bib unpreparedness

Do you have days where you look back and realize the precise moment you made a mistake?

I had one of those days on Saturday.

We had a day planned to meet up with some friends at the museum to see a kid-friendly exhibit about toys and then go to lunch together. I thought I was ready. I had a backpack ready to go with a change of clothes, diapers, wipes, kid snacks, a water bottle, more kid snacks… then I thought, You know, I should try to pack light. Instead of packing a regular bib, why don’t I pack one of these disposable bibs?

I’ve had a box of disposable bibs sitting in my house unused for over two years. We are mostly an eco-friendly, cloth-using family, but I’ve gotten disposable baby products before in an effort to make trips out of the house a little easier. I often forget about those disposable products, because using reusable cloth products has just become normal for us.

toddler boy in bandana bib playing with toy trains

On Saturday, I was feeling pretty proud of packing lighter than usual.

I chased my toddler, Forrest, around the exhibit floor while my husband stuck with our four-year-old on a tour of old arcade games, a giant doll house, and Lego sets. As Forrest pushed the wooden “choo choos” back and forth, I was vaguely aware of the ticking clock. We were getting closer and closer to our regular meal and nap time.

By the time we finished at the museum and sat down at a restaurant to have lunch with our friends, I realized by our toddler’s yelling and squirming that he was DONE. We had overstimulated him, he was hungrier than a bear out of hibernation, and we had missed our window of time to have a peaceful lunch. No matter how many snack bars and applesauce pouches I threw his way now as we waited for restaurant food, he was not going to make this easy.

I pulled out that dinky disposable bib and tried to fasten it around Forrest’s neck. He roared like a dinosaur, thrashed his head, gripped the paper bib and ripped it. He was Not. Having. It.

I immediately regretted not bringing my favorite bib ever, the one he loves to wear, the Ultimate Meal Bib. It’s comfortable, full-coverage, and securely snaps around his neck so he wouldn’t be able to immediately pull it off.

Thankfully, we were NOT completely bib-less. He was wearing a bandana bib, which I have him wear pretty regularly these days because the teething drool is plentiful. It’s not as much coverage as the Ultimate Meal Bib, but it does have a decent amount of coverage and did pretty darn well keeping him clean anyway.

It’s moments like these that remind me why I make these products in the first place. They make life easier.

Toddler boy in red buffalo plaid bandana bib eating yogurt with a spoon

I won’t make the mistake of packing an inferior bib again. From now on I’ll be smarter and make sure I take the Ultimate Meal Bib NO MATTER WHAT!

Thanks for joining me in the ups and downs of motherhood.

I hope Milk & Sugar can make your life easier, too.

In solidarity,



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