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New Mom's Survival Tool: Armchair Organizer

  It's hard to know what life will be like or what you will need postpartum if you've never had a baby before.  Before I had my first son, I had no idea how much time I would spend postpartum camped out in my recliner. Between a baby who nursed around the clock and healing stitches down there, I wasn't up and about very much. Getting out of the chair was more difficult than I had anticipated, so I wound up having everything I needed crammed onto a tiny side table beside my armchair. It wasn't the best solution. It was cluttered. It wasn't always easy to reach the thing I needed. I knocked stuff off regularly. And it didn't look good...

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When Traditions Stop Being Fun

Last year I thought that if my son didn’t get a picture with Santa every year from birth, I was a bad mom. Because of that belief, I dragged my toddler son to a store way too late in the season, only to discover a line with an estimated wait time of an hour and a half. I looked down at my toddler, weaving between merchandise displays, getting perilously close to breaking something, and thought: NOPE. He wailed and buckled as I tried to lift him and carry him out of the store. As I wrestled to strap him into his car seat an overwhelming feeling of failure fell over me. There would be no other opportunities to try again....

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