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Rough night? How the ONEder Cover saved my morning.

  This was the scene next to my bed this morning. And I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the first time. Yes, that’s a dog bed.  My son has always had trouble sleeping, but at nearly three years old, I thought we had pretty much cracked the code on sleep. Then he started refusing to nap. Then he started waking up at 3 am and refusing to sleep for hours. And the two together get him caught in a cycle of not enough sleep that is really really hard to break. Last night he woke up at 3 am and had a very, very hard time getting back to sleep. I cuddled with him in his bed for a little bit,...

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Keeping Tidy in the Kitchen with a Toddler

My daughter LOVES baking. Brownies, cookies, muffins - if it's sweet she'll help make it and gobble it up! But baking with a toddler is often quite a messy experience. Before discovering the ONEder Cover, I would take off her clothing and she would help mix ingredients sporting just a diaper. This was often followed by a bath, as she would end up with flour, sugar, milk or eggs all over herself. As much as I loved baking with her, at 30 weeks pregnant I became too tired to deal with her mess. And then we were given a ONEder Cover and our baking messes were contained! My daughter wears the ONEder Cover as a toddler smock when we bake, so her...

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The ONEder Cover and Sensory Play

Play is serious learning when you're a kid. Sensory play engages children's senses: smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch. Engaging with the world using their senses encourages babies, toddlers and children to be curious, to investigate and to explore the world around them. Pinterest is loaded with ideas for sensory play at home. Just search on Pinterest for "sensory play" and stand back while your screen explodes with color and enough pictures of goop, foam and sand to make any neat freak feel a little sweaty. But, hey! If you've got your ONEder Cover handy, you've already got the perfect size washable smock for your kiddo to wear while he digs his hands into those wet, sticky, slimy or gritty concoctions! One...

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