The Ultimate Meal Bib: three cheers for the perfect waterproof pocket bib for toddlers

Milk & Sugar The Ultimate Meal Bib

I've tried a lot of bibs. Waterproof bibs. Cloth bibs. Pocket bibs. Drool bibs. Small bibs. Smock bibs. Snap bibs and velcro bibs. Even disposable bibs. Pretty much every kind of bib has been in rotation at my house.

But I've finally found THE ULTIMATE MEAL BIB. 

Milk & Sugar's Ultimate Meal Bib has the best combination of all the features I loved about the other bibs, in ONE bib. 

  • waterproof
  • pocket (that stays open!)
  • extra coverage (including shoulder coverage!)
  • snap closure
  • closes at the side of (instead of behind) baby's neck
  • easy to clean

Happy toddler boy sitting in high chair wearing the Ultimate Meal Bib, waterproof pocket bib by Milk & Sugar

(Plus, look how cute it is!)

More coverage

I've heard from so many moms who love using the ONEder Cover as a bib on their toddlers because it provides full coverage and their kids find it so comfortable they enjoy wearing it. But what about for those meals that aren't quite so messy? What if you need something you can wipe clean or wash and dry quickly between meals? What if you want something smaller to stash in your diaper bag? That's where this bib comes in!

A pocket that works

Just like the ONEder Cover, it has a snap-up pocket that drapes open to catch crumbs or liquids. It also is cut wider than most bibs at the shoulders, which keeps more of your toddler's clothing protected without having the hassle of putting his arms through bib sleeves. (My toddlers hate having to put their arms through bib sleeves--it just needs to get snapped on fast!)

Soft and comfy

The back of the bib is soft micro fleece, to make this bib feel like clothing against baby's skin so he will be comfortable wearing it. But if he's got "the hangries" (hungry + angry) and tries to pull it off, the snap closure keeps it more secure than hook and loop (Velcro) closures. I also love that it snaps at the side of the neck so you don't have to fiddle behind your toddler's head to try to get it on and off. Especially if you have a toddler with long hair, a snap at the side makes it so much easier to get on and off without tears.

Toddler girl sitting in high chair wearing the Ultimate Meal Bib, a waterproof pocket bib by Milk & Sugar

Easy to clean

When meal time is over, you can simply unsnap the pocket and dump crumbs into the trash can. When I want to re-use the bib for the next meal time, I rinse it off in the sink and hang it to dry near a window and it's ready to go at the next meal. 

Makes a great gift

I've given The Ultimate Meal Bib as a baby shower gift before and it makes me really happy to think that those mamas will never have to mess with a series of bibs that just don't do the job like this one. It's a unique baby gift that will be very appreciated once the new little starts eating solid foods--especially when she wants to start feeding herself! 

It is truly the Ultimate bib! Look below to start shopping!



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